B. Sisters Photography

Our Story

Our Story

Meet the B. Sisters

We are two sisters from the Midwest, interested in telling your story one frame at a time. Come share life with us! Let's capture those important moments and create new memories together. We specialize in lifestyle, street and artistic photography. Read below and email us for more info.

Two Peas in a Pod

Working as a team suits us perfectly as we compliment each others strengths.  Abby's love of science has opened her eyes to the beauty the world has to offer and she can take the ordinary to extraordinary. Monica's attention to detail and ability to conceptualize a shoot helps set the tone for the experience our clients are about to receive.

Our focus is on presenting to you vivid and authentic photographs. We work in perfect harmony to ensure we get the best shot, shooting from various angles, something only a two-person team can do.

Meet Monica.

Hey guys, I'm so excited you've made it to our page and I can't wait to chat about your story and how we can capture it!

I'm a Youngstown girl till the end and think it's an honor to work in the town that raised me. I've always been a creative at heart and love thinking outside the box. I was first introduced to the camera while in high school when I started taking modeling classes at the Barbizon Modeling Agency in Fairlawn, OH. I've had the awesome privilege to work with some great Cleveland based Designers and Photographers that helped nurture my creativity. Fastforward to today and I'm now behind the lens capturing special moments.

I've been shooting with Abby for over a year now and I love the chemistry we have. We've done a variety of shoots and decided High School Seniors and Family Portraits would be our niche. I love working with my amazing sister, playing off each others' strengths to highlight our client in every frame.  I handle most of the business side of our dynamic duo and enjoy putting the pieces of the puzzle together to make B. Sisters Photography a reality.

I couldn't imagine doing this with anyone but my sister and I'm so blessed to have her in my life. 

Five fun facts about me:

1. I love dancing and moving to my own beat, catch me on the dance floor. I get the most joy when my son & I have random dance breaks together.

2. I'm totally obsessed with macarons, it was love at first taste.

3. Working out is my 2nd passion, I'm a gym rat at heart. There's nothing like dripping in sweat to let you know you've put in the work, just wait till you see the results!

4. I enjoy vibing out with Abby on her guitar or keyboard and singing together.

5.  When I'm not doing photography, you'll probably find me with my family. They are my everything and I cherish the time we get to share with each other.

Meet Abby.

Hi Folks, I'm glad you're here to check us out. I appreciate the big and small, and capture whatever catches my eye. Studying science is what really began to shift my perspective. I started recognizing the amazing interactions happening all around us - how the light hits a leaf, the process of photosynthesis, the beauty and life thus produced from those interactions. The wind moving the whispering willow branches and creating a ripple on the water. The sounds made by cyclists passing, leaves falling, local wildlife, and the carrying voices of people nearby. There is beauty, and science in it all. I enjoy photographing empowering moments for people to tell their story, the hustle and bustle of city life, and the beauty of nature. 

My photography journey started about two years ago, and yes I was an "iPhone photographer" for quite some time! Eventually purchasing a camera, opened my eyes on another level, and I became intrigued with portrait photography. Last spring I started imagining the possibilities of a photography company. I was interested in making it a joint venture with Monica, but wasn't sure if she'd be interested. After much consideration and prayer, I finally made the call and asked her, and you know what?...She said YES! Since then we've been on the move, capturing beautiful memories, developing our company, partnering with local community organizations, and taking every opportunity as a chance to learn and grow not only professionally, but also personally. Monica and I make for a well balanced duo; the magic of B. Sisters would not be the same without her. 

When I'm not photographing, you can usually find me making music, reading a book, or exploring new places with friends.

Five fun facts about me:

1. I am an Artist, with music and photography as my main outlets.

2. Coffee and tea play a big role in my life.

3. My very first flight was to Madrid when I was 16, and the travel bug set in. Since then traveling the world and learning from other cultures has become an enormous passion.

4. I was a substitute teacher for 6th grade science, and studying education for middle school science...that is what opened my eyes!

5. I love, love, love fall in the midwest. It is absolutely stunning, and if you haven't visited, its a must.

We can't wait to meet you and hear your story. Click below to connect with us!